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Can My Business Debt Be Setteled?

Small businesses may have the need to attain quick cash. While a merchant cash advance can solve that temporary issue, it also creates an even bigger problem.

Merchant cash advances often come with an insanely short payment window. This can create the need for a new merchant cash advance to take care of the old one. And should you happen to miss the payment period for your cash advance, it’s possible to face severe repercussions that could result in you losing your business.

Are you suffering in a never ending loop of merchant cash advances? Before you decide to take out another, speak to the experts at BizRelief. Let us handle your small business debts so you can get back to doing what you love.

BizRelief Can Help You With:

  • Business loan settlements
  • Merchant cash advance settlements
  • SBA loan relief through Offer in Compromise (OIC) settlements
  • SBA loan adjustments & deferments
  • Secured and unsecured commercial loan settlements
  • Defaulted commercial mortgage debt
  • Property leases
  • Equipment leases