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At BizRelief, we offer a debt relief service known as debt negotiation or debt settlement.

Debt negotiation is a positive alternative to debt consolidation loans and chapter 11 bankruptcy as it allows you to lower your overall debt and keep your business without additional loans.

With debt negotiation, you can rest easy knowing that a team of highly qualified debt relief specialists are working diligently with your lenders to settle on a lower debt repayment, allowing you to reduce your overall debt to just a fraction of what you currently owe.

Hire a Team of Experienced Business Debt Negotiators

With BizRelief, you be guided by the most well rounded and experienced debt relief specialists in the industry.

Throughout the business debt relief process, we will act as the barrier between your business and your creditors. Anything having to do with your debt, we will deal with personally. This will allow you to get back to doing what you love: running your business.

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Affordable Plan with No Monthly Payments

BizRelief offers debt negotiation services. In our program, you will be assigned a dedicated debt negotiator who will fight on your behalf to settle your business debt for just a fraction of what you currently owe.

Unlike other debt relief companies, we do not require your business to make monthly payments while enrolled in the program.  Until we successfully reach a settlement, you can continue to use your money for your business.

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